Great British Summer

So, 2012, a fantastic summer of celebration. But for us, this time of year is always that extra bit special, it’s our birthday! I can’t believe we are 12 years old. Time flies as they say and it only seems like yesterday that we squeezed three desks into a box room in Soho. Back then, we had little idea about who we were and where we were heading.

One thing that has remained constant from the very start is the desire to get hold of a holistic brand story; it’s magnetic, and we can’t help ourselves. Sure, we like the one off projects – a website or a piece of print in isolation can be a joy – but it’s bringing an entire business to life strategically and creatively that really floats our boat.

Funnily enough, it’s often the smallest project that highlights the lack of a bigger vision. Take the Foxtons Mini: we were asked to badge a fleet of cars but we recognised the opportunity to propel a brand, demonstrate the core confidence and vitality of their organisation as well as firmly locate it as a part of London culture: ‘London’s Estate Agent’. That one, seemingly insignificant project, lead to a complete rebrand by BEAR that remains as fresh today as it was when launched 11 years ago.

And we have pulled off the same trick many times over. Our new website shows a few past projects and some more recent ones. Intelligent creative solutions are as important now as they have always been… just as important as when we started. Surely, in a world that is fragmented and more saturated than ever, the cream rises. The results of our work are plain to see.

We have to thank our clients that share the same vision. As much as it pains a creative ego to say it, the success of a brand isn’t entirely down to us. Our best work is in conjunction with the most dynamic and well thought out businesses, period.

So we are a bigger agency now and growing. Pop in some time, pull up a chair by the bar (the drinks are on the house) and we’ll see what more we can do for you.


12 Sep 2012



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Roberto D'Andria