PokerAce launch ten new faces

In the world of online poker, a player can be anyone they want to be. Bluffing and tells aren’t as simple as subconscious gestures and eye movements, and all you know about your opponent is what they choose to portray. Some players choose an avatar for their online profile that suits their personality the most, whilst others will intentionally choose a different characterisation to try and outwit their opponents. To create a successful suite of avatars for PokerAce and appeal to a wider audience, we had to cover off all bases by creating ten characters with a variety of personalities, tied together by the brand story and style.

We conceived the PokerAce avatar characters around the psychology of the poker table and the playing styles and heightened personas you find there. From the cautious, calculated statistician to the aggressive loose cannon; all the avatars brought something different to the table, with each maintaining some mystery and intrigue.

BEAR designed and developed the 3D avatars in house, creating a style which was modern, accessible but with a ‘manga’ influence to align with the Asian heritage of the brand. The characters are now live at and there are plans to develop the characters offline in the near future.


25 Feb 2013


Branding, News

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Alexandra Wylde