BEAR appointed sole agency in 2002. 888 floated on the stock exchange for $800 million five years later.


Initially billed as the company’s UK offline advertising agency, we soon saw our remit extend to online ads, brand identity and direct marketing… on a global scale. Our first battle was a change of name; the company was originally operating as Casino on Net (@ 888.com). We wanted to simplify it to 888 – the luckiest number in the Far East – confident that this would help the business really take off. A complete rebrand followed with major press and billboard ad campaigns, sub-brands, micro sites and sport sponsorship.


‘The home of online gaming’
888.com was one of the first major platforms to provide such a breadth of gaming experiences. Casino, poker, bingo and sports betting made it the gaming portal of choice. 


Tone of voice and personality were crucial to this rebrand if we were to stand out and connect with a diverse gaming audience. Ad campaigns played on the psychology of poker and the characters it attracts, with a healthy dose of humour, and used the quirks of each media form to achieve the greatest impact. 


BEAR was appointed sole agency in 2002. In 2007, 888 floated on the stock exchange for $800 million. In the same year, 888 was independently recognised as the ‘UK No.1 for brand awareness’* in the sector. 

Intelligent and flexible. I have no doubt BEAR helped us to grow rapidly, elevate our brand awareness and most importantly of all, add significant value to our global operation. 

Matt Robinson
Global Marketing Director, 888.com 

BEAR + 888.com

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand proposition
  • Brand identity
  • Brand architecture / language
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand consultancy & guardianship
  • Stationery design
  • Online advertising
  • Event branding
  • TV set design
  • Literature design
  • Advertising campaigns (online & offline)

*Millward Brown 2007