American sporting heritage meets European fashion culture.


This established US business is shaped around licensed apparel for the MLB (Baseball) and the NFL (American Football). Our original brief was simply to design the company’s European 2011/12 catalogue, but we saw a bigger opportunity to use the catalogue as a springboard to establish Majestic in the European fashion industry. This was based on our knowledge that the gear is bought by different consumers outside the US; less ‘fans’, more fashion and fairly targeted culturally. 


‘United State of Mind’
The proposition we developed set out a manifesto for Majestic in Europe: more than stars and stripes, more than sport, it’s fashion, music, a movement, a statement. Majestic Europe is an essential part of eclectic streetwear attitude.


Urban, European, individual and honest. We street-cast four models to accurately represent the Majestic audience in Europe. People who have attitude and authenticity, incorporating these clothes as part of their unique style. 


The new proposition has been adopted to inform all upcoming European activity and has launched this US-centric brand onto the international stage for the first time. 

BEAR + Majestic

  • Brand proposition
  • Literature design
  • Print management
  • Photography
  • Casting & production
  • Post-production 

Partner credit

Photographer: Aled Pritchard
Stylist: Shazzy Thomas