Bringing western gaming to eastern audiences.


Online gaming in Asia is growing steadily, but the traditional poker games that dominate western play remain relatively unknown in the region. PokerAce was conceived especially to bring these games to the Asian market. We wanted the brand to feel knowledgeable and intelligent – a place where players can learn the game, gain insider tips, and not simply focus on the ‘Vegas’ gambling world.


‘The Asian Online Poker Room’
PokerAce is proud of its Asian heritage, and this became the core of our brand identity. We researched Asian culture and built the brand, and particularly the website, with Asian audiences front of mind. The business was centred around this – key tournaments are on Asian time zones, for instance – so our identity had to follow suit.


A pride in Asian heritage permeates the brand, most clearly in the logo which references traditional ‘chop’ stamp symbols, and incorporates a ‘Fu’ symbol, representing good fortune. We crafted the logotype to mirror this Eastern feel. The brand is confident and aspirational, but respectful and accessible. A suite of avatar characters for the gaming platform allowed the brand to be more playful and showcase the vast array of personalities at the tables for players to identify with. Subtle patterns in the graphic language nod to traditional card-playing styles and the bright lights of big city gaming.


PokerAce has recently launched and is enjoying great growth with a truly ownable identity. World-renowned star players are on board and a big money Online Series is imminent. Watch this space.

BEAR + PokerAce

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand proposition
  • Brand identity
  • Brand architecture / language
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand consultancy & guardianship
  • Website design
  • 3D avatar design
  • Sub-brand identities