PPLPRS launches TheMusicLicence

As of February, a joint venture by PPL and PRS for Music sees the launch of  TheMusicLicence, a new music licence that brings together both licensing arms of PPL and PRS together under one unified brand: PPL PRS.

PPL PRS’ joint venture is completely changing the music industry and leading the way internationally.

Removing the need for two licences, businesses who use music will now only need the one licence under the joint venture of PPL PRS, making it both an easier process for businesses and fairer for artists and creators.

Bringing together both companies as PPL PRS, based in a new HQ in Leicester, the joint venture has a strong brand identity, created by us here at BEAR, that joins the fun of music with a simple plectrum marque and playful sound waves.

Streamlining the process, TheMusicLicence replaces the need for two separate licences, transforming the way the UK music licensing system operates. Celebrating everything that music can do for a business – including motivating staff, improving the customer’s enjoyment and experience, and creating an upbeat and positive environment – TheMusicLicence and the accompanying strapline Turn it up! pays homage to all that’s great about music.

Supporting artists and at a fair price for businesses, and similar to the TV licence and UK driving licence, TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS is now the only licence you need. Find out more about the project in our case study.

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