The Purpose of Purpose
A brand strategy is weak and lifeless without an underlying purpose. Our skill as a brand strategy agency is in unlocking the elements of your purpose and shaping them into a brand that stands out from your competitors.

What is Brand Strategy?
We feel uncomfortable with dry definitions, so let’s say that a brand strategy is a plan to develop a brand so that a business can achieve specific goals. In practice, a brand strategy plugs into all aspects of a business and interacts with competitive environments and consumers - their needs and emotions.

Let’s think about that in the context of a competitive marketplace. Your competitors do what you do and probably go about it similarly.

A strategy to enable your brand to thrive
How do you build a successful brand? You could pursue your competitive advantage. Price, quality, speed, value, service – all of these can create clear water between you and your competitors, but not forever. You can reduce costs and quicken processes; flex quality and standards up or down accordingly.

But it's a cycle that can ultimately kill your business. Can you guarantee to be the most efficient or the most recognisable forever?

A better, faster and more efficient approach to brand development
There is a better way. A way to defend, grow and sustain a business. A way to thrive and prosper. We call it your brand's purpose.
In the past, brand strategy consultants have stressed 'vision' and 'mission'. We stress purpose as a much more useful, hard-working business tool. Better, faster and more efficient.

It reflects the demands of the modern customer who wants to know who you are as an organisation, what you value and why you exist - to make a profit for shareholders is no longer enough.

Brand purpose is the reason you exist and why you get up in the morning - because being purpose-driven elevates your business above the battleground of generic values.

Going somewhere new? You'll need a map
Brand purpose aims to elicit an emotional response, but we believe the most effective route to its development begins with logic and reason. To help with that, we have a direct, five-point discovery phase designed to give us clarity and direction:

  1. We start by establishing where you want your business to be right now and where you'd like it to be in five or ten years
  2. We check out the market landscape, pinpointing potential brand opportunities and challenges
  3. We analyse your competitors to ensure the space we're moving into isn't already occupied
  4. We explore and understand customer insight and audience motivation
  5. The final part of our methodology is unique. We call it our Brand Mass Index. It's a smart bit of survey technology that analyses the health of your brand through stakeholder and employee engagement. It plugs into any existing qualitative and quantitative research data and uses outputs from our workshops, interviews, focus groups, social listening and desk-based scoping.

Your brand communication platform
We take all the critical data and insights gathered during discovery and create a Brand Communication Platform for your organisation. This is where your purpose, values and personality come together, connecting to your brand essence.

The platform is a strategic blueprint and starting block we then use to create visual and verbal identity, messaging and a ton of activation ideas that can be used by PR agencies, ad teams, and consultants – single-mindedly building a robust and differentiated brand with a clear, emotionally engaging purpose.

It's also a powerful tool to galvanise internal teams with a new, shared direction that inspires and mobilises them through clear, confident brand communication.

It can be used to position or reposition your brand, reach new customers and drive sales. It can support the launch of new products and services with extra energy and context. It can help to define or redefine your tonality and personality.

And of course, it can help you gain a tangible competitive advantage.

Our purpose is yours
We create a brand strategy that connects your brand's purpose to creative execution. It gives you a fixed pivot point around which you can move with confidence and intent. Internal culture, brand messaging, reputation management, social media content and stakeholder value start working together as one.

Our experience and expertise expedite the process. No endless rounds of to and fro, just simple, elegant logic effortlessly brought to life. We're one of London's leading brand strategy consultancies, so we've done it for businesses you know like Foxton's, the Performing Rights Society, British Gymnastics, Lawn Tennis Association and Nominet.

Our approach has also been successful for less well-known, but equally purposeful organisations. It has reinvigorated property developers, accelerated start-ups and added value to FinTech giants. All by taking time to understand why they exist. All by starting with their purpose.

If you'd like us to make a purposeful start on your brand strategy, let's talk.

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