The value of values
We design brands that confidently represent what a business stands for and what it believes. Authentic, product-focused, and drawn from a core purpose: brands like these provide a platform for healthy growth and increased commercial value.

Building successful brands
With razor-sharp strategy, we’ve uncovered your authentic brand purpose. Now what? We’ll develop a beautifully crafted visual language, bespoke to your needs.

A successful brand is more than just a logo, typeface or colour. It is how your business looks, thinks and speaks – and most importantly, it’s a huge part of what your customers use to understand who you are. Your brand identity is a real opportunity for you to express the attitude and personality of your business and the culture that drives it.

We take time and care when building brands, whether this is from the ground up or as part of a wider development project. Unique hand-drawn logos, bespoke typefaces, super-graphics, sonic identities and motion behaviour - it’s what we do. But most importantly, it’s about making sure that we never lose sight of your brand messaging - design should only serve to strengthen this, not get in the way.

Stronger together
As a breed, we’re collaborative - internally and with our clients. We’re honest and transparent. If it’s not right, we’ll say so. We’re not afraid to challenge our views on brand - or our clients.

We never stop until we find the best solution - it’s our brand process, developed and proven over more than two decades. We never do graphic design for its own sake. It doesn’t get us excited - or your audience, for that matter.

Our first stage presentations, if required, provide you with multiple, beautifully executed brand design routes. We will never shut you out: as our client your feedback matters to us, and we ensure that you have your say on the direction you want to take.

We work with the best people in the creative industry and our radar for talent is always on. We scout and nurture up-and-coming stars through our university teaching programme. Through our ever-evolving network, we secure the services of best-of-breed writers, photographers or developers.

Always searching
BEAR immerses itself in culture. Business culture, youth culture, fashion, art or digital breakthroughs: they all provide a jump-off point into uniquely creative solutions for on-screen or offline. We embrace it all to inspire us.

Keep moving
When the time is right, we'll help you release your new brand into the world. To make sure you stay on track, we provide you with a comprehensive set of guidelines, often working with your internal teams to ensure a seamless handover and brand consistency for years to come.