Breathe life into your brand
There’s no point in having a beautiful brand language unless you activate it. Once we’ve created your brand, it’s ready for launch across all communications channels. However you choose to use it, you will be armed with a bespoke brand toolkit that allows you to access and engage with your audiences: your purpose-driven brand language, graphic identity and tone of voice.

Choosing your channel? We've got you covered
No matter where you need to reach your customers, we will have done the groundwork in our brand strategy and brand design phases to enable you to communicate effectively. We know how to connect brand message with creative ideas in an engaging way, allowing a seamless through-the-line experience across whichever channels suit your brand best: print, digital, social, campaign - or all of the above.

An experienced network of partners and suppliers allows us to tailor a brand implementation approach to your specific needs: whether it’s written communication and tone of voice training, employee engagement, print production, social media content creation or website build.

Leveraging brand channels. Supporting you to a successful brand launch
Is building a website with rich visitor experience the end of the story? We don’t think so. Whatever your brand channel, we ensure you set out clear KPIs before committing to rollout: we can leverage relevant channels for any number of business functions such as sales, engagement and recruitment.

For your social media activities, we can provide you with honed front-end strategy and flexible brand guidelines that will maximise your presence in the social space. Understanding your brand, its values and tone of voice makes it easier to create high-quality social assets.

Between web and social, we provide core, long-term or high-turnover digital assets such as animations or video. We’ll also keep you consistently on-brand as you develop mobile apps.

Traditional channels, expertly handled, provide vital touchpoints for many businesses. Take print, for example, our experience in property, real estate and events helps us know when to invest in high-quality brochures for a high-value business and higher conversion rates.

Your partners, making brand happen
When you don’t have the resources, we step in. Either on a project-by-project basis or as your outsourced marketing team.

  • Film & photography
  • Motion design
  • UX/UI
  • User testing
  • Digital concepts & design
  • Website build
  • Campaign
  • Strategic content creation
  • Social guidelines
  • Literature design
  • Print management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • For the journey
    You’d expect your branding agency to be with you for the months following your brand’s launch. But what about the longer term? Who will maintain your brand standards?

    Call us your brand guardians: it’s our role to protect your investment with carefully considered ongoing support. Leaving clients adrift isn’t part of our game plan. In the longer term, we can maintain your brand as a marketplace and audiences evolve.

    Perhaps you’d rather have your internal team handle brand rollout? Not a problem. BEAR will happily hand over, acting as consultants for coherence to ensure brand standards are respected.