If you've gone to the trouble of creating a new brand identity and the behaviours that go with it, it stands to reason that the opportunities provided by digital are a priority.

It’s about taking your brand off the page and onto the screen, breaking the 2D mould and thinking about how your brand should animate, sound, and be represented through moving image, user interactions and engagement. Think of it as taking your guidelines beyond just logos and copy into the digital sphere where ALL brands now are. Brand expression has never been more exciting and the mind boggles as to what’s coming next.

Too often, digital output is created independently of brand thinking. We still believe there is a sizeable gap in the market for agencies that genuinely know how to join brand thinking with digital activations. We fill that gap. We take our brand expertise and apply it to your digital channels, ensuring your online activations are working as hard for your brand as you are.

User experience and functionality are key to success. Understanding the expectations of future generations is hugely important. But, never forget, your digital output is as much about the emotional connection as it is about the functionality. We know emotional benefits (the softer values, if you like) are still huge drivers for customers and the purchasing decisions they make.

Whether it's your website, app, product development or online campaign, we approach any digital project in the same way - with brand front and centre.

If you need the following, contact us:

  • UI/UX design
  • Personas & user journeys
  • Full interactive websites & microsites
  • Content strategies
  • Content creation, including copy, film & animation
  • App design
  • Online guidelines
  • Digital signage
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