Are you a values-driven business, or a business with a list of values? Brand is as powerful for your internal audience as it is for your external one. After all, businesses are only as good as their people.

It’s all well and good having your North Star, but how do you empower your people to get you there? In our experience, the most successful businesses are not just those with great products and services, but ones with a set of clear beliefs that lead to defined behaviours and cultural activations. They live their brand.

Our methodology not only defines 'your voice' but clearly sets out key performance indicators for boardrooms and HR departments alike. Connect with your team around one brand vision: motivate, inspire, evaluate, and hire, based on your brand.

And, please, own your values and behaviours. Political correctness can breed mediocrity and many organisations trot out the same lazy sets of values time after time. Theoretically, we could have transferred the values from one organisation to another over the years and we’re not too sure anyone would have noticed.

Through our thoughtful copywriting, teams will feel inspired and safe in the knowledge they are part of something different - not just the same old corporate on the block.

If you need the following, contact us:

  • Brand purpose
  • Ownable values
  • Real world behaviours
  • Tangible activations
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Employee engagement documents