How can you brand a business without relevant customer insights and data? Guesswork? A designer's hunch? Your brand may be ‘really creative’ but that doesn’t necessarily drive revenue or guarantee success, particularly if your customers’ key drivers have been ignored.

Branding can sometimes feel like a dark art, something tricky to prove. Anchoring your brand in relevant data and audience insight removes subjectivity, drives confidence, and allows designers and copywriters to create a brand world you know will resonate rationally and, more importantly, emotionally with your audience.

Quantitative and qualitative research can be provided, but often the answers are already there to hand, so unearthing them can be a much more agile process.

We'll hunt and gather insights from your own market intelligence. After all, you and your sales teams are on the front lines, so why ignore what you have to share?

With social listening, trend analysis and good old-fashioned stakeholder interviews we can pinpoint where you currently are vs. where your brand should be positioned relative to your competitors.

But insight vs. instinct is not just about us doing our homework and burying our heads in data. We regard our brand experience (our instinct) as our most powerful weapon. We've been doing this for decades and our senses around customer behaviours and how to capture audience share remain as keen as ever.

If you need the following, contact us:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Social listening
  • Stakeholder interviews & workshops (1 day)
  • Behavioural trend analysis
  • Customer personas & profiling
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