A brand awareness campaign that tells customers what they really want to know.


Having established Foxtons over the last decade as London’s Estate Agent, we helped them embark in 2012 on their first above the line press and outdoor campaign. The public already knew Foxtons, but they didn’t necessarily know that their results outstrip the competition. We created an impactful campaign that shone a light on those results and their benefits for all their customers. 


‘London’s Estate Agent’
Foxtons works for Londoners – longer hours, quicker results, more, better, faster. An empathetic tone of voice helped to make it clear that Foxtons isn’t the focus of the property process; it’s the landlords, vendors, tenants and buyers.


We teamed up with renowned illustrator Noma Bar to create ads which strongly featured the Foxtons brand but were visual puns with hidden meanings. Designed to have powerful visual impact when quickly seen in a rush-hour dash, these illustrations also had the ‘smile in the mind’ effect for when dwell time was a little longer.


Tested around six key offices in Spring 2012, the campaign is currently in its infancy… watch this space. 

BEAR + Foxtons

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand proposition
  • Print & outdoor advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration commission

Partner credit

Illustrator: Noma Bar