Being unavailable never felt so good.


Following a successful pilot scheme last year, LTA tasked us with rolling out their Tennis Tuesdays initiative nationwide with a new campaign. In partnership with Nike, Tennis Tuesdays brings coach-led weekly sessions to outdoor tennis clubs across the country, exclusively for women, whatever their skill level. In the wake of Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign, the initiative felt more relevant than ever, and with fantastic consumer insights, we were armed with all we needed to find the heart of the project and get women signing up.


‘Tuesday isn’t good for me’
Modern women’s lives are busy, varied, hectic and stressful. Tennis Tuesdays offers a regular slot to keep all for yourself – where you can focus, release the day’s stresses, feel yourself get fitter, stronger and better at the game, and make new friends. All within a short walk of home or work. We wanted to capture that satisfaction of being unavailable when you have another commitment that’s all yours. ‘Tuesday isn’t good for me’, because Tuesday is good for me.


The social aspect of Tennis Tuesdays, and the mix of light-hearted fun with a competitive edge should you wish, was captured in our campaign with a mix of real, healthy women engaged in the sport. A mix of models and streetcasting, we spent a day photographing the women undergoing real Tennis Tuesdays training sessions with a pro coach. Coupled with a strong graphic language and typography that echoed the Nike brand, the campaign was empowering and accessible.


Launched in April 2015, sessions have been selling out and have fantastic repeat sign up – a key performance measure for the initiative. If you fancy getting back in the game this summer, visit tennistuesdays.co.uk
and find a session near you! 


  • Brand identity & graphic language
  • Advertising campaign: online & offline
  • Photography & retouching
  • Handwriting illustration
  • Social media content

Partner credit

Photography: Lonny Spence